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Date of birth people search

This service will allow you to find someone's address as well as a detailed record about them. This date of birth or birthday search will allow you to enter limited information such as name, and possible birth date. We can use the month of birth, day of birth, or even the year of birth. If you have a name, and a partial date of birth this date of birth people search can help you locate this persons address, and well as other information.

You normally will receive the following information from this service.

  • Subjects full name (first and last name)
  • Subjects middle name or partial.
  • Current address of the subject.
  • Past address used by the subject in the last 15 years.
  • Associates and friends.
  • Friends and associates addresses.
  • Subjects telephone number.
  • Cell phone numbers that are owned by the subject.
  • Possible employment information.
  • Dates on subjects travel and addresses.
  • Full Social security number (truncated).
  • Full date of birth.
  • Email addresses used by the subject.
  • IP address used by subject.
  • Fraud alert (shows potential fraud).
  • Other people associated with the same name, or SSN.
  • And much more.

Upgrade to the advanced people search which will greatly help your chances to find more information on this person. The advanced search is $69.99 which will search 5 additional sources to locate information on the person you are searching for. You will also get a full criminal report with this upgrade. We will search for all types of criminal records on the subject at the state level.  See the order now below.

$39.99 Order now.

Upgrade to Advanced for $69.99


How does this all work? Well it is simple. You click the order link above and provide the subjects first name, last name, and a possible or partial date of birth. If you know the location or past location where the subject lived this will greatly help in our search. To find people is sometimes a time consuming job but we have made it easy for you.

The results to this search will be sent directly to your email address normally within 3 days. Although since this is a offline search it may take additional time. Remember this search is performed by a licensed private detective. So you can rest assured that you will get the best results available.

Is there a refund if no information is located? We normally will issue a refund if no information is located. But that is very rare as we can normally always find information and locate them. So we must say that out of the thousands of people searches we have preformed we have issued refunds for less then 1%. This is due to the fact we can always find information for you. So the answer is yes. This search is fully refundable if we are not able to find information for you.

Facts about this date of birth people search.

The subject must be at least 18 years of age or older.
This information may not be used to harass or stock anyone.
The information and records you receive are provided for free you pay for our labor, and searching experience. We do not resell information you pay for service not information.
We will not search public figures such as celebrities.
You must follow all laws in your area.


$39.99 Order now.



Attorney in PA (name / Address and zip code withheld)

I have used people search for awhile now and they always come through. We have a tight schedule around here and when we need to find records or people I use this service. I just wanted to thank you guys and I will continue to use your service.

Thank you.

Name withheld


We remove all names, and identifying information for privacy.


$39.99 Date of birth search


After your order is processed

The order page will charge your credit card instantly and you will receive a receipt in your email. We then will print your order and hand this to a private detective which will do this search for you. In most cases these ordered are completed in 24 hours or so. However we do state that some of these searches may take up to 3 days or more to complete. This is a actual investigation and not some quick online search. So please rest assured that you will get the best records and information available.

Please make sure that you can receive email and that your spam filters are off or you may not receive your results to this people search. We receive many customer support emails from clients that have not received their results. This is 80% of the time a email failure. So please check your spam folders, and spam settings.


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